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In my eyes this is the book that Moshe would have wanted to be written about him.”  Ruthy Alon

Making Connections is now available in an updated and expanded second (English) edition.

It is available from the author and on-line from the following Feldenkrais distributors:

  1. Feldenkrais Resources

  2. Achievingexcellence.com

A French translation, La Réparation du monde, was published in the spring of 2014. 

La Réparation du monde, la traduction française de Making Connections, est désormais disponible en Europe; pour commander, prière de contacter Blandine Wong, en cliquant ici.

Pour toute commande du livre au Canada, contactez David en cliquant ici.

“Bravo et un grand merci, David, pour cet essai passionnant, très documenté et cette superbe traduction de Blandine.” - un lecteur français. 

THE EZEKIEL CODE: A Vision of Living Bones.

THE EZEKIEL CODE: A Vision of Living Bones

is a meditation on what we mean when we talk about healing and integration.

THE EZEKIEL CODE can be ordered online here .

Or, off-line, directly from the author; click here.

From the Foreword:

For many years I have been looking for a bridge between Jung’s work on the inner life and Feldenkrais’s work on the organization of movement. This bridge has gradually come into view through the study of images and motifs which express themselves in both psyche and soma. 

If my previous book, Making Connections, addressed to my colleagues in the Feldenkrais profession, was a solar book, this one gives the moon her due. On the moon’s team: creative imagination, synchronicity, ancient murals, and good clean Biblical fun. 

- Excerpt from a letter from a student in a Feldenkrais training:

“Thank you for this astonishing book, The Ezekiel Code. I think my jaw was dropped the whole time I was reading it (it’s a good thing for my temporomandibular joint that it’s a slim book, though one that demands many stops to absorb the impact, and that will demand lots of revisiting). I can’t quite begin to express the revelatory density of the experience of reading it … the overlaying and stripping away of so many experiences/ideas/expressions revealed to have the same skeletal form. It really is a sort of Talmudic text for somatic students and practitioners, one you could study over and over, and that would inform and unify so many aspects of life.”


Listening With Your Whole Body, the book, is now available:

on-line from The Feldenkrais Store or Feldenkrais Resources, or off-line, directly from the author.

“As it is the whole person who walks and runs, and not just the legs, it is surely the whole person who looks and sees, listens and hears.

“Working with the whole sensing person produces qualitative shifts in perception. In other words, by learning to look and listen differently, people do see and hear differently. Improving your listening can alter the dimensionality, depth, colour, and texture of your auditory experience, along with your satisfaction from it. These changes in the experienced quality of perception do not occur in the ears, but in the brain. The sense of hearing is about far more than loudness, and the activity of listening—one of the least observed but most central aspects of our being—involves far more than our ears.”  © David Kaetz 2017