All Things Are Impermanent

This recording features the hang and the clarinet. The hang was invented and developed in Bern, Switzerland, by two gifted sound designers, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schaerer. It was introduced in the year 2000, and continues to be shaped by hand, with small hammers and much love. Two different hangs were used in this recording: one with the tone circle A C D E F G A, and one with the tone circle A Bb C D E F A. Both have D as their central note.  What can be said about the hang? It is a constant source of wonder and delight, and for the clarinet, a soul mate.

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That is natural resonance (and not digital reverb) you are hearing around the hang and clarinet in the title tune and "Song for Emanuel." These pieces were recorded in an extraordinary church-like chamber in Oslo, Norway, designed by renowned sculptor and sound-designer Emanuel Vigeland - first as his gallery, and then as his mausoleum. Have a listen.