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. . . the music in these nine tracks is pure delight. Think languid. Think traditional, with flare. Think Yiddish rap (the Mosesville cut would impress Eminem and 50 Cent!), some melodic jazz, even Latino beats. There’s also a hidden track on here, an original Chassidic madrigal with a choir.  K. Globerman, Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.

Cover Art: “Night Dancers,” by Phyllis Serota.

Used by permission.

Blue Klezmer Moon

Blue Klezmer Moon: David Kaetz, Clarinet, Hang and Vocals; Devon McCagherty, Guitar and Vocals; Alex Olson, Bass.

With the musical assistance of: Denise Alvarez, Vocals; Niel Golden, percussion; Omri Hason, percussion; Soundings, directed by Denis Donnelly.