Moshe’s Ten Commandments

The following document was left hanging on the door of Feldenkrais’s studio at 49 Nachmani Street in Tel Aviv, at the time of Moshe’s first trip to the U.S. to give a course. It was intended for the teachers who stayed behind to look after his classes.


The Hebrew version has apparently been circulating in Israel for years; it has also been available in Europe, in Eli Wadler’s German translation. Here is my English version:

1. At the first meeting with a person, don’t touch him before he has answered you concerning what is actually bothering him in this moment,

2. before (we) know the source of his (unpleasant) sensations, and

3. what the condition of his heart is and which serious illnesses he has had. Has he ever had an operation?

4. Don’t show off, just organize him.

5. Don’t make conversation during the work; only respond to questions.

6. Better to do less than to do too much.

7. Don’t argue, just clarify.

8. Don’t answer right away, only after a while.

  1. 9.Always wind up the lesson with some sort of general organization.

  1. 10.Quiet, calm, and a practical—not personal—approach will bring you blessing, and health to those who come to see you.

Be successful in your work, and thus I will be successful in mine.

Moshe, the servant of God and your faithful servant.1

15.8.71, M. Feldenkrais


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